This overview showcases a variety of projects from different industries, including enterprises, organizations, technology, start-ups and everything in between.
It's a healthy mix of past and recent work that highlights Alex's expertise and creativity in providing effective solutions for clients.



A showcase featuring a selection of recent projects in which relevant UX information is extracted for the purpose of a UX case study. UI, Design, and Front-end explanations are kept minimal in order to simplify the cases for a broader audience.



The website offers an online service for globe-trotters and solo adventurers, providing information and deals for their trips. It aims to share experiences and assist those undertaking short trips and solo travel worldwide. With a emphasis on affordability, the service is ideal for those seeking value for their money. See short ux ui case

UX Case Travel website


Food & Recipe

The website offers easy recipes and tutorials for making authentic Tandoori meals, perfect for individuals with limited cooking skills. Its user-friendly interface makes following the recipes simple and intuitive, providing a hassle-free experience for users.
See short ux ui case

Wireframe to Prototype


Craft & tools

Startup: Introducing the ultimate tool for professionals in the precision woodworking industry. The website features a modern, clean and responsive layout, tailored for the target audience. The goal is to showcase the specialized tool and highlight its benefits for woodworking professionals, all together with an e-store. See short ux ui case

UX Case website

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Alex is a user experience, interaction + interface designer & developer who merges technical skills with creativity to deliver stable and innovative web solutions.

He provides professional services to a diverse range of clients from various industries and organizations, with over a decade+ of experience.

His expertise includes;

  • common sense solutions,
  • UX / UI engineering,
  • product design,
  • optimizations, and
  • web development.

Alex helps clients to efficiently achieve their goals through a healthy blend of creativity, technical skills and commercial expertise.

Based in South Holland, Europe.

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