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Projects are primarily conducted in the Netherlands where the headquarters is located. The Netherlands is home to a large number of national and multinational companies and enterprises. In some cases, projects may require travel to clients located elsewhere.

past work

UX UI Design & Development

Here is a curated selection of examples from User Experience Design · User Interface Design & Development projects. These projects span various industries including enterprise, government and technology.


Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Throughout my time at the Dutch Railways, I have actively participated in the technology transformation. As a trusted member of different teams and departments, I have consistently played a significant role in enhancing the overall user experience for online clients. I have taken on the responsibility of maintaining clean and manageable front-end code while collaborating effectively with the Java backend team and testers on a daily basis. NS

 Past project: Website Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Role / Services: · User Experience (UX) · User Interface (UI) · User Interaction design & development · Front-end · Web design & development · Usability · WCAG Accessibility ·

Industry · Organization · Semi Government · Transport · Infrastructure ·



User Interaction and Interface development website project for Audi Netherlands. The development of the pages following to Audi's Design System guidelines, where user experience and interface are following the brand guidelines and defined. This means: there was a little room for guesswork during the process. The final front-end product was integrated into the Java backend. Audi

 Past projects: Website Audi Netherlands

Role / Services: User Experience (UX) · User Interface (UI) · User Interaction design · Front-end · Web design & Development ·

Industry · Automotive · Transport ·


TNO Companies

Following the design and development of the user experience and user interface, an information architecture was established, along with mapping out the user journey. Additionally, a comprehensive project analysis was conducted and presented, fulfilling other practical and functional criteria. The accepted proposal resulted in a bilingual website with a custom-made Content Management System.

Past project: Website Tno Companies

Role / Services: · User Experience / Interface Development · User Interaction design · Functional design · Web development & Management ·

Industry · Science · Commerce ·


KB Delpher

I completed a major overhaul of the Netherlands National online library, which is a branch of the esteemed Royal Dutch Library. I made significant improvements to enhance the user experience and interface, ensuring that it works across all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphones).
The result is a completely redesigned and reworked library platform that is visually appealing and user-friendly for all visitors and modernized front-end code to align with the web standards. Delpher

Past projects: website KB Delpher

Role / Services: · User Experience (UX) · User Interface (UI) · User Interaction design & development · Front-end · Web design & development ·

Industry · Semi-government · Education · Science ·



I was contracted to develop DePers from the ground up, with the goal of creating a groundbreaking news website. Our efforts were recognized with the prestigious honor of being awarded Best News Website of the year.
This project encompassed a comprehensive analysis of functionalities and requirements for both the front and back-end, designing an intuitive user experience (UX) and visually appealing user interface (UI), developing a fully functional wireframe, and implementing the front-end.

Past projects: website DePers

Role / Services: · User Experience (UX) · User Interface (UI) · User Interaction design & development · Web design & Development, Usability, Graphics ·

Industry · Publishing · Media · Stock · Finance ·


Police leadership

As a consultant for Dutch Police leadership, I successfully built a new website and provided valuable advice on their on-line campaign. I led the technical and visual aspects of the project and contributed to its overall success. At the end of campagne, the project finally achieved it's results and retired on a successful note.

Past projects: website Politie Leadership

Role / Services: · Product website owner · Product design · User Experience - Interface - Interaction Design · Functional design · Information architecture · Web design & development · Usability · Accessibility · Graphics Illustration ·

Industry · Organization · Government ·

and other projects for;


  • Audi NL
  • Tri-Sure Closures
  • Pon Caterpillar
  • VW DealerXtranet
  • ING
  • Good Year
  • Essent
    • IEX
    • Nestle
    • Booking.com
    • . . .


  • Waternet Amsterdam
  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen
  • KB Delpher
  • Politie NL
  • Politie Academie
  • Ministerie RWS
  • Van A Naar Beter
    • NOC*NFS
    • . . .


  • DePers
  • DeBeurs
  • Elsevier
  • Wolters Kluwer
  • VNU
  • Binnenlands Bestuur
  • Technisch Weekblad
    • Telegraaf
    • Communicatie Online
    • Adformatie
    • Het Parool
    • Marketing Online
    • Onze Wereld
    • . . .

Medium size

  • TNO Companies
  • NPEX
  • Fimmo
  • HaagWonen
  • Stadgenoot
  • Kamernet
    • . . .


  • TITA Impex
  • Capital Investment
  • FirstFloor
  • PowerBoat
  • Tempelman Ps.therapy
  • Studio Zeevonk
  • Studio SNAD Furniture
    • ML Fashion
    • Studio Derk Dumbar
    • Bed & Breakfast Relajese
    • Centrum Mindfulness
    • Alohasurf
    • E.Pick Ps.therapy
    • Triton Charters
    • Thong Photo
    • SushiClinic
    • AbsoluteBanner
    • ThePackage
    • About Content
    • Applify
    • . . .

INDUSTRIES · #Automotive · #Fine Art · #Furniture · Infrastructure · Transport · Organisation · Publisher · Education · Science · Technology · IT · Stocks · Crafts · #Artists · Agencies · Health · eCommerce · Real Estate · Travel · #Food ·

fine art

Past project: Fine Art example
Past project: Fine Art example
Past project: Fine Art

Creative projects for Fine art and Art Galleries prioritize clean & minimalist design, simple architecture and intuitive navigation.

Industry Fine Art · Art Galleries · Artist Services: User Experience · Interaction · Interface · Web design & development · Content management system · Optimizations

Crafting digital products that closely align with the brand identities of furniture artisans, producers, and retailers requires a deep understanding of their distinctive traits and target audiences.

fine furniture

Digital products for Furniture Designers, Producers, Retailers
Digital products for Furniture Designers, Producers, Retailers
Digital products for Furniture Designers, Producers, Retailers

metal Inc.

Past project: Tri-Sure Closures
Archive: Land Rover Series 2a
Archive: K650 Motorcycle
Archive: PowerBoat
Archive: Audi NL

  • · Tri-Sure W.W. Closures
  • · Land Rover Classic Portal
  • · Motorcycle Oldtimer portal
  • · Powerboat sports leisure
  • · Audi
  • · Good Year
  • · Caterpillar

  • · User Experience UX
  • · User Interface UI
  • · User Interaction IxD
  • · Web Design
  • · Web Development
  • · Content management
  • · Web management

Digital products for Automotive, Metal Industry
Archive: Website Caterpillar
Archive: TNO Compnies Delft

Usable, accessible forms custom-made for a specific purpose and conditional call.



With GREAT ENTHUSIASM, creating layouts, landing pages, websites and apps for the food industry. It requires a deep understanding of the audience, user experience, industry trends, as well as the ability to cook.

Food Industry Landing page


.. to be continued ..



Alex is a Product designer + developer who combines technical expertise with creativity to create stable and innovative web solutions.

He provides professional services to a diverse range of clients from various industries and organizations, with over a decade+ of experience.

His expertise can be summarized as;

  • Common sense solutions
  • User Experience UX
  • User Interface UI
  • User Interaction IxD
  • Product Design
  • various web optimizations
  • web development ...

Alex helps clients efficiently achieve their goals through a healthy blend of creativity, technical skills, and commercial expertise.

Based in South Holland, Europe.

Repetitio est mater studiorum


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