A showcase featuring a selection of my recent UX / UI and front-end examples where Interactive Wireframes and Rapid Prototyping made a crucial part in the development of the projects.

Dashboard wireframe t01

Interactive Wireframe t03

*Screenshot of an interactive & prototype html / css wireframe dashboard

About this wireframe

This is a section of an Interactive html / css Wireframe Dashboard for a stock exchange website & app, designed to evaluate the interactivity, content information, and responsiveness. It can be easily expanded into the final product by adding styles to the CSS.
Some of sensitive data is changed due to the NDA.

Responsive medium

Interactive wireframes

A showcase of some of recent interactive wireframes, demonstrating their potential as essential components of UX and front-end development, especially when combined with rapid prototypes.
If you are seeking a method to expedite your project, feel free to reach out for assistance.

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