Development principles involves both traditional & modern methodologies, each offering unique approaches to suit a project's requirements and objectives. Let's check it: Agile · Lean startup · Rapid Application Development - RAD · Rational Unified Process - RUP · Waterfall ·



Working effectively on projects following Agile methodology. Agile process involves breaking down projects into smaller, manageable tasks. By continuously seeking feedback from users and stakeholders, I can adapt and enhance developing product to meet evolving needs and expectations.


Lean procedure is a methodology that focuses on minimizing waste and maximizing value in the development process. When it comes to web development, incorporating Lean principles can help streamline the development process and improve efficiency.


Rapid Application Development - RAD focuses on Rapid Prototyping and getting feedback to rapidly iterate on the development process. It emphasizes fast development cycles, collaborative design and development. Using RAD can help create interactive and user-friendly applications in less time than traditional development methods.


Rational Unified Process RUP is a collaborative software development approach that focuses on iterative and incremental development. It follows best practices and guidelines to help teams effectively manage their projects through four phases, each with specific goals and activities.


Waterfall is a traditional project management approach that involves a linear sequence of phases, including requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. It was the dominant method for managing projects for a long time.


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